VHC Bonus: How does it work

We are happy to welcome you on board with a 500 VHC bonus that you will immediately be able to trade, once the VHCEx Contracts and VHC pairing has been launched.

Trade on the VHCEx Contracts with the 500VHC sign-up bonus and enjoy all the profits you make on VHCEx. You are not obliged to deposit anything, but you are not allowed to withdraw the bonus.

When you make a profit on your trades, you can keep all the profits. No strings attached. Lose, and we will deduct the losses from the bonus amount, still allowing you to keep your profits. However, if your losses are more than the bonus amount, it will start to eat into your profits.

*Loses will be subtracted from Sign up bonus.

Sign up now and receive your 500 VHC Bonus on the launch day.

Terms and Conditions:

1.    All registered users must be at least 18 years of age.

2.    Registration must take place during the campaign period which ends on the day prior to the launch of VHCEx Contracts, that will be announced at a later date.

3.    A registered profile must be completed with a minimum of Know Your Customer (KYC) Tier 1.

4.    Each user may only have a single account on the platform and rewards will only be limited to a single account.

5.    Each new registrant would be rewarded with 500 VHC tokens after the launch of VHCEx Contracts.

6.    The welcome bonus reward of 500 VHC will only be applicable for trades on VHCEx Contracts (CFD).

7.    The original 500 VHC reward provided will not be open for withdrawals. Only the profits made using the bonus reward will be available for withdrawal.

8.    Traders who have a balance of bonus and profits will only endure losses on the welcome bonus until it has been completely depleted. Any losses incurred after the first 500VHC will then be taken from winnings and deposits made.

9.    VHCEx has the sole right to amend or change the rules of the competition at any given time, without prior notice.

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01 Nov 2019

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