How Blockchain Tech is Fighting Against Coronavirus

As the global fight against Covid-19 aka, the Coronavirus continues, various efforts from blockchain and crypto are contributing towards the fight. From contributions towards research against the Coronavirus, earning money while working from home, or using blockchain to share files securely, blockchain is proving its worth and its vast application.

Based on a report by the Cointelegraph, Gregory Bowman, director of [email protected], recently revealed that they have about 400,000 users contributing towards research on Coronavirus. The largest U.S.-based Ethereum (ETH) miner Coreweave led the way with an estimated 6,000 graphics processing units (GPUs), which is about 0.2 of Ethereum’s total hash rate. Blockchain platform Tezos have 20 teams already contributing to [email protected], while also creating a donation pool that will reward the largest [email protected]’s donor with a few hundreds of XTZ at the month’s end. Decentralized computing network Golem and GPU chip manufacturer Nvidia are also contributing towards the efforts.

Elsewhere, as remote teams are being formed due to the widespread of the Coronavirus, some blockchain projects are offering solutions to those working from home such as secure file sharing, and ways to earn crypto while staying at home. There are also online courses for those who are interested in learning more about blockchain, giving those who are quarantined or in lockdown an option to enhance their knowledge on the blockchain technology.

Image Source: The JakartaPost

In Korea, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is being used for various efforts in response to Coronavirus. One of the efforts is to raise funds to provide healthcare staffs with health supplements to enhance immunity and reduce risk of cross-infection with KF94 masks. There is also a platform listing hospitals dedicated to Coronavirus and hospitals free of it for the benefits of the citizens while some blockchain companies such as Doomu and Upbit directly donated 500 million won towards Coronavirus relief efforts.

With the Coronavirus outbreak being widespread, a flood of fake news has undoubtedly followed. According to Coingeek, there is a Metanet where individuals get to protect and control their information provided. Fake news posts can be curbed as those wanting to post them have to pay for it. Additionally, the culprits who post the fake news can be traced easily as the Metanet runs on a public blockchain ledger.

It’s very satisfying sentiment to see blockchain and crypto playing its part by contributing towards efforts to help those in need and curb the Coronavirus outbreak. In time, the possibilities and applications could be far greater as people adopt and now find a need for the technology. Even those who are home during this time of uncertainty, can choose to trade at anytime of the day as the crypto markets are opened 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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