How to Get Corona Virus Free Money

According to The Sun UK news, officials are encouraging people to reduce dependency on bank notes due to possibilities of the Corona virus spreading through handling of physical money. WHO states that coronavirus may hold onto banknotes in the same way it stays on surfaces like doorknobs, handrails and toilet handles. The best next alternative would be debit, credit cards or stick with digital transactions like cryptocurrency.

The Health Minister of Iran, also advised its citizens to reduce usage of bank notes while the Bank of England advises to wash your hands, after dealing with banknotes.

Debit and credit cards are not as vulnerable as banknotes but are deemed to carry a higher risk with Dr. Susan Whittier, a clinical microbiologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center, stating that the virus can survive longer on hard surfaces than on porous surfaces. While less people handle your card, it can survive longer on its surface.

Image Source: FOX 2

Combining the fully digital and non-physical attribute of cryptocurrencies, moving towards a more digital solution like cryptocurrency is a possibility for the near future. As two of the largely infected countries, China and South Korea were choosing to disinfect and even burn banknotes as a measure to contain the pandemic, who knows if the virus is far more than meets the eye for such a drastic move.

There could be a slow wave or move where people gradually start using crypto as a day to day tool in order to protect themselves, once it becomes more mainstream and recognised as legal tender in more and more countries.

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