“Sheldon Cooper” explains crypto on The Simpsons

The Simpsons could be predicting again, this time its about cryptocurrency. Well-known for predicting events such as Trump election way ahead of time, they predicted about crypto back in an episode in 1997 during Homer and Marge’s date showing “Crypto Barn” and ”load of codes”. Now, the Simpsons series has brought cryptocurrency and blockchain to the attention of the masses in its latest episode. The world’s longest-running television series had guest star Jim Parsons representing Sheldon Cooper of “Big Bang Theory” talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain .


In the 13th episode of Season 31, 80 seconds of the show was dedicated to this starting with Lisa Simpson being introduced to cryptocurrency by Professor Frink and lets Jim Parsons describe on how it works. Parsons touched on blockchain and how it works including distributed ledger as well as the importance of. In typical Simpsons fashion, they teased with a caption card revealing that they know who the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi, actually is but they’re not going to disclose who and also joked by writing “That is a total pile of cryptocurrency,” referencing the more expletive-filled adaptation of that phrase.

The Simpson’s ability to make the segment understandable to the general public is commendable as the cryptocurrency is known for its widespread of technical jargons. This also shows a reversal to the pre-2017 price rally where mainstream media were more open to report and talk about cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the folks on Twitter had a field day including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who tweeted “Now even Lisa Simpson knows #Bitcoin.”

With the Simpsons tv show always making predictions, we think it could be a great time to consider diversifying a little, and start on your cryptocurrency journey too. Start trading on VHCEx, a licensed platform.under the central bank of Philippines.