VHCEx Newflash | 21st April 2020

HTC Smartphones To Mine Monero

To bring further decentralization into crypto mining, HTC decided to bring the feature to its blockchain focused Exodus line of smartphones, as according to Forbes. Partnering with Mida Labs, the DeMiner app can be downloaded from Q2 2020 and can mine Monero (XMR) in a cost-effective way. Users would be able to mine on average of about $0.0038 of XMR daily, with electricity cost being less than 50% of it.

Image Source: Silicon Angle


Electronic Screening of COVID-19 Developed by Canadian Blockchain Firm

Vaital Hub, a Canadian blockchain firm, unveiled a electronic tool to screen COVID-19 that is based on blockchain technology. Blockchain app DOCit was developed after a request from a long-term care facility called Sunny Side Home to help screen their residents for the common COVID-19 symptoms. It can record noticeable symptoms such as respiratory diseases, fever, shortness of breath, and headaches and also share them in real-time, to lower the risk of the virus spreading.

Image Source: Technologyforyou.org


Ethereum Domain Name Used As A Loan Collateral

In an unprecedented move, an Ethereum domain name was used as a collateral for the first time. Ethereum Name Service address “brantly.eth, representing the first name of the domain owner and loan recipient Brantly Millegan. The loan was given by Rocket LP DAO and had Brantly calling the $1,000 loan “revolutionary”. These loans act as a reverse mortgage, in which loan-seekers access the liquidity of the value of their home by offering that unique, non-financial asset as collateral.

Image Source: Coinnounce


Expansion of Bitcoin ATMs Unaffected by Lockdown

Even due to the, Bitcoin ATMs are still thriving. Bitcoin ATM operator DigitalMint stated that numbers have increased to 7,417 ATMs in April 1, a 5.6% increase from March 1. The traffic of new and existing customers are also consistent despite the lockdown being in place.

Image Source: Coinatmradar


Ripple Partners with Malaysian Payment Service MoneyMatch

Ripple recently announced a partnership with Malaysian cross-border payment service MoneyMatch. The partnership would see MoneyMatch adding their platform to Ripplenet that will result in lesser cost of about 40% and increase transaction speeds. This partnership also sees Ripple expand to more than 120 countries and MoneyMatch gains credibility as a payment service for financial institutions and Payment providers globally.

Image Source: Fintechnews.my