VHCEx Newsflash | 20th February 2020

Crypto Support Continues in Latest Samsung Devices

Crypto Support Continues in Latest Samsung Devices

Image Source: Samsung

South Korean giants Samsung recently launched their Galaxy S20 smartphone series recently, and they have continued offering cryptocurrency private key storage in this range as well. Started in March 2019 with the then top model Galaxy S10 with incorporation of a wallet device, Samsung then launched a developer kit that enables others to design dapps for their phone. The wallet initially could only support ERC20 and ether, with support for Bitcoin and TRON added in later that year.


Pay for Norwegian Air Flight Tickets using Crypto

VHCEx Newsflash_Norwegian

Image Source: Bloomberg

Travelers using Norwegian Air may be able to buy flight tickets using crypto as early as spring. Stig Kjos-Mathisen, CEO of Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), recently said that their crypto trading platform has created a payment infrastructure for travelers to use crypto as payment method on the airline. The son-in-law of Bjørn Kjos, the founder and CEO of Norwegian Air, is notably in links with NBX since it was launched in 2019 and there’s no mention so far of which crypto will be supported by NBX for the ticket payments.


Ether Becoming a Safe Haven Asset

Ether Becoming a Safe Haven Asset

Image Source: Bitcoinist

San Jose State University released a study focusing on the possibility of Ether as a “hedge, diversifier or a safe haven asset” on an intraday basis. Based on data analysed from December 2017 to December 2018, it can be assumed that “Ethereum crypto-currency is a hedge against the U.S. stock and gold markets. Also, Ethereum tends to behave as a safe haven for gold markets. When currency markets are concerned, we document that Ethereum is a diversifier for the US Dollar.” This is looked as an added factor to Ethereum’s recent rise in value.


Crypto Transaction May Be Faster with ‘Spider’ Routing Scheme

Image Source: Anthemis.com

Blockchain-based transactions might be faster with the latest cryptocurrency-routing scheme by the researcher of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They claim that payment channel networks” (PCN) can shorten transaction time where payments are channelled on networks with sufficient funds to perform the transactions by using bidirectional joint accounts. Additionally, MIT researchers introduced the ‘Spider’ technique that divides every full transaction into smaller “packets,” which could be transmitted across different channels at different rates so that more transactions can be completed using initial funds.


New Blockchain System by Bank of Korea for the Bond Market

Image Source: Bitcoin Magazine

The central bank of Korea, Bank of Korea (BOK), are in the lookout for a company that can develop a blockchain system that can enhance record-keeping of the bond market.  In addition to recording the transactions, the blockchain system might create the core for “real-time simultaneous payment trading system”. However, BOK would want to get better regulatory clarity on whether would it be ultimately liable in case of failure of accidents before proceeding with the blockchain bond system.